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My Business Philosophy

To help you with all of your residential real estate endeavors buying, selling & renting – to such an outstanding level that you eagerly introduce me to your friends and family that need real estate help.  I actively take the burden of your real estate objective and apply my proven & finely tuned processes, techniques, and systems to make the most of your ambitions.

My Roles

By focusing and consistently improving upon the following roles, our time together will be more productive and enjoyable:

  • Consult.  I will give you advice based on what you tell me is important to you!
  • Negotiate.  I will look after and help you get the most from your most valuable resources Money, Time, & Emotional Equity.
  • Oversee the transactional details.  Once the strategic vision is set, my job is to make the most of it.  Think of yourself as the CEO and I’m the Operations Director!  

Greg Wakeham